Cuban cigars, also known as habanos, are widely recognized for their unique quality and flavor. The strength of a cigar refers to its level of strength or intensity, which is related to the amount of nicotine it contains and how it affects the smoking experience. Habanos can be classified into three main strength categories: mild, medium and full (strong).

Full strength cigars, often called "full strength" in English, are those that have a high nicotine content and therefore offer a more intense smoking experience. These cigars tend to be more robust in flavor and have a spicier character. Some of the brands and lines of cigars that are known for producing full strength cigars include:

Cohiba: Cohiba's Line 1492, like the Cohiba Siglo VI, is known for offering high-potency cigars.

Partagás: Partagás cigars, such as the Partagás Series D No. 4, are also considered full strength.

H. Upmann: The H. Upmann Magnum 46 and Magnum 50 line are examples of cigars from this brand that tend to be stronger.

Bolívar: Bolívar brand cigars, such as the Bolívar Belicosos Finos, are characterized by their robustness.

It is important to remember that the perception of the strength of a cigar can vary from one person to another and depends on factors such as the maturity of the tobacco leaves used to make the cigar, the smoking technique and the individual experience of each smoker. Full strength cigars are not ideal for beginners as they can be overwhelming for those not used to the intensity of flavor and nicotine.

If you are interested in trying full strength cigars, I would recommend seeking advice from a specialty store or speaking with a cigar expert to find the one that best suits your preferences and level of experience.