Bolivar Coronas Junior

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    The Bolivar Coronas Junior is the smallest cigar in the Bolivar selection, but its size should not deceive you as it offers a full flavor experience. This Cuban cigar measures 110 mm in length with a 42 ring gauge and is a favorite choice among Aficionados for post-prandial short smokes. Despite its small size, the Coronas Junior is medium to full-bodied, providing a rich and satisfying smoking experience.

    One of the striking features of the Coronas Junior is its complex flavor profile. As you smoke this cigar, you may notice that it becomes quite powerful, which may overpower some palates. However, the true beauty of this cigar lies in its aging potential. With time, the flavors will develop and mellow, resulting in a more refined and enjoyable taste. If you have the patience to put them away for a while, the Bolivar Coronas Junior will reward you with a significantly improved smoking experience

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    Box of 25

    I have enjoyed it a lot.

    If you like strong-flavored Habanos, this is yours and here it is at an excellent price. I have enjoyed it a lot.

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    Bolivar Coronas Junior

    Bolivar Coronas Junior

    Bolívar Cuban Cigars On sale Worldwide Shipping Guaranteed

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