Cuaba Exclusivos

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    The Cuaba Exclusivos is a Cuban cigar known for its distinct figurado (perfecto) shape, which was quite popular in the past. This particular vitola is part of the Cuaba brand, which features four unique vitolas, all sharing the same figurado shape: the Exclusivos, the Generosos, the Tradicionales, and the Divinos.

    Measuring 5 3/4 inches in length and with a ring gauge of 46, the Cuaba Exclusivos offers a medium to full strength smoking experience. As a product of Cuba, it is made with high-quality tobacco, ensuring a rich and satisfying experience for cigar enthusiasts. The figurado shape adds to the unique character of the Cuaba Exclusivos, making it a sought-after cigar for those who appreciate a distinct, well-crafted vitola.

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    Box of 25

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    Cuaba Exclusivos

    Cuaba Exclusivos

    Cuaba Cuban Cigars On sale Worldwide Shipping Guaranteed

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