1. What credit cards do you accept?

We are able to process Visa - Masterd

2. Are your prices quoted in US Dollars?

Yes, our prices are in US Dollars.

3. Are your prices inclusive of shipping?

Do not include shipping.

4. Do you guarantee delivery?

Yes we guarantee delivery.

5. What is your Refund / Reship Policy ?

A package is considered lost after 45 working days. (Mon - Fri) At that point we will refund or reship at our discretion. As a rule of thumb 24 working is approx 1 month, that is to say if we ship on the 5th of April we will reship on 5th of May. Refund policy does not cover packages that are lost due to incorrect addresses. Please double check your information before placing your order.

6. Who is reponsible for paying any import duties?

Import duties are the responsibility of the buyer. We recommend you investigate your local regulations and charges before completing an order.

7. Are your cigars authentic?

Yes. All our cigars have been purchased from authorized Habanos distributors and are guaranteed to be authentic

8. Do you open your boxes prior to shipping?

We normally ship boxes sealed. (There is the occasional open box this is because our distributor opens a few boxes on receipt of his deliveries)