Cohiba Maduro No.5 Secretos

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    Cohiba Secretos are a type of cigar from the Cohiba brand, known for producing high-quality Cuban cigars. Below you will find a description and general characteristics of the Cohiba Secrets:


    Cohiba Secretos are known for their compact size and "petit corona" format, which means they are cigars with a thin gauge and moderate length. This makes them an ideal option for a shorter, more concentrated smoke.

    These cigars are part of the Cohiba "Classic Line" line, which is characterized by offering cigars with characteristic Cohiba flavors and aromas.


    Size: Cohiba Secretos typically have a ring gauge of around 40 to 42 and a length of about 4 inches (102 mm). This compact format provides a faster and more portable smoke.

    Strength: Secretos are generally medium to strong strength, meaning they offer a more intense and powerful flavor compared to other smaller format cigars.

    Flavor: Cohiba Secretos have a complex and characteristic Cohiba flavor, with notes of nuts, wood, spices and a touch of sweetness. Despite their smaller size, they still offer a rich and flavorful smoking experience.

    Wrapper and Tobacco: These cigars are typically wrapped in a select tobacco wrapper, and the Secretos filler and wrapper are high quality, contributing to their distinctive flavor and aroma.

    Presentation: Generally, these cigars are presented in boxes of 25 units or in smaller packaging, such as boxes 10 cigars.

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    Box of 25

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    Cohiba Maduro No.5 Secretos

    Cohiba Maduro No.5 Secretos

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