Cohiba Maduro No.5 Genios

    Box of 25


    140 mm


    Medium to Full

    Ring Gauge


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    Cohiba Genios are known for their "robust" format and relatively large size, making them considerable sized cigars.

    These cigars are part of Cohiba's "Line 1492" line, which pays tribute to the discovery of America in 1492 by Christopher Columbus.


    Size: Cohiba Genios are robust format cigars, meaning they have a wider ring gauge compared to other cigars and a length of approximately 5.5 to 6.5 inches (140-165 mm). This format offers a longer and richer flavor smoking experience.

    Strength: Genios are generally medium to strong strength, meaning they offer a more intense and powerful flavor compared to other Cohiba cigars.

    Flavor: Cohiba Genios have a complex and robust flavor with notes of nuts, wood, spices and an earthy touch. They are known for their full and characteristic flavor.

    Wrapper and Tobacco: Like other Cohiba cigars, Genios are typically wrapped in a select tobacco wrapper, and the filler and wrapper of these cigars are of high quality, contributing to their distinctive flavor and aroma.

    Presentation: Generally, these cigars are presented in boxes of 25 units or in smaller packaging, such as boxes of 5 or 10 cigars.

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    Box of 25

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    Cohiba Maduro No.5 Genios

    Cohiba Maduro No.5 Genios

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