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    Cohiba Club are a type of cigarroillo or short cigar that is part of the Cohiba line, one of the most recognized and prestigious Cuban cigar brands. Below, I provide you with a description and characteristics of the Cohiba Club:


    Cohiba Club cigars are smaller and more compact compared to traditional cigars. They are considered ideal for faster consumption and occasions when you do not have the time to enjoy a larger cigar.

    They come in a small, narrow format that's easy to carry in a cigar case or pocket.


    Size: Cohiba Clubs typically have a length of about 3 1/4 inches (83 mm) and a ring gauge of about 20, meaning they have a diameter of 20/64 inches (7.94 mm).

    Strength: Although the Cohiba brand is known for its higher strength cigars, Cohiba Clubs are generally considered medium to mild strength. They are ideal for those looking for a lighter smoking experience.

    Flavor: Despite their smaller size, Cohiba Clubs offer a flavor that resembles other Cohiba cigars, with notes of spices, cocoa, and wood. The flavor is pleasant and balanced.


    Cohiba Clubs typically come in boxes of 20 or 25, and are often sold in smaller packs to meet the needs of smokers who prefer smaller options.

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    Box of 100

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    Cohiba Club

    Cohiba Club

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